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The MAMILS Ride 2000 for the 2020 MACCA Cancer 200!


As we all know…these aren’t normal times…and this being the case the MACCA Cancer 200’s event this year is a little different. Well actually, its a lot different. There is basically no big event this year, and so each rider and teams have to ride there own mini-events covering 200km.

So… by now, you may have probably worked out that the MAMILS ride to a different beat of the drum, and this year the drum is beating event louder. Instead of a 200 Perth Ride, instead of the KAMILS (Kalgoorlie MAMILS) 800km ride…well…this time its a 2000km ride!!!

That’s right, it’s not a missprint…2000km ride from Perth – Kal – Esperance- Albany – Bunbury -Perth.  Now if that’s not enough, we are going to do all of this in 5 days 

The team will be riding in a relay format with a minimum of two riders on the road at any one time, we have support vehicles protecting us and a big bus to rest and recover in!

As with every year…WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to raise money for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research!