MAMILS are a group of people  who like most have experienced cancer within their family or friends. This year we are out to raise $25,000 for the 200km Perth Ride To Conquer Cancer and thats where you come into it!

We need your support to help us make the magical $25,000 happen, as you can imagine it is not the easiest thing in the world to make this sort of money appear out of nowhere!

Team MAMILS are asking that you or your company please donate $1000 to this West Aust Charity.

(All proceeds go to WAIMR, The WA Institute of Medical Research)

Why donate to us?

  1. We look pretty good in lycra

  2. Your company will look very impressive on our 2013 outfits

  3. We are the poor buggers that have to ride the 200km

  4. You folk are great corporate citizens

  5. We look pretty good in lycra….

So here’s where the fun part kicks in….the rights to major sponsorship will be judged by a blind auction!….What does this mean I hear you ask????

Answer: Simple, the company that donates the most gets to be the “Big Kahuna!”

So take action now, pick up the phone, call your secretary or assistant and ask them to download our team donation form located here. Or fill out the contact form and we can give you a call to discuss sponsorship.

MAMILS @ Perth Ride To Conquer Cancer

Team MAMILS thanks you in advance for your kind donation!


Craig Wells

0434 116 429

(AKA Grand Mamil)