Team MAMILS are out to raise over $50,000 for the 2014 Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer! Benefiting Perth’s Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research!

So drag your old flannel out of the bottom drawer, grab your Winnie Reds and head on down to the Scarborough Sportsmen’s Club for a fully sick night out!

Great prizes, silent auction, raffles, competitions and zany action!!!!!

Finger food will be served, drinks not included



MAMILS Bogan Bingo

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Time to support the Support!


Meet Tim.

This year, he’ll be taking part in his 4th Ride to Conquer Cancer event!  

What makes Tim different than most folks though, is that whilst he’s registered to ride every year, he hasn’t quite been able to achieve the necessary $2,500 fundraising fee to actually be able to ride in the event.

As we all know, reaching that magic number can be a hard slog – and so far it has proven a bit too difficult for him.

Now, what makes this fella a bloody legend in our books though, is that he never put his toys down and walked away. Tim has spent every year in the Ride To Conquer Cancer helping as SUPPORT CREW!

If you’ve ridden this event anywhere around Australia, you will understand just how important these people are. The support crew line our roads cheering us on, helping to keep us safe and keep a smile on our faces over the long and arduous 200km journey.

A couple of the MAMILS are actually old school mates of Tim’s from the 80’s and had no idea that he had gone to all this effort – as he lives and has been involved in the event in Queensland.

This being the case, we’ve now made Tim our first official interstate MAMIL!

If the RTCC support crew has lifted your spirits during the event, why not give this LEGEND some support back!


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MAMILS Travel Bugs are off to Canada’s “Ride To Conquer Cancer” events!

MAMILS Travel bugs

Just for a bit of fun, we’ve set off four MAMILS wristbands as travel bugs today. They are off to race across the planet, on a mission from Australia to be hand delivered to the Ride to Conquer Cancer reception desks in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal – Canada.

Stay tuned as our four MAMILS TB’s race one another across the Pacific Ocean and American continent to see which one arrives at their respective destinations first.

Once they arrive, they will rest up until its time for their recipients to embark on their 200km Ride to Conquer event in their respective city.

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